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Want some?! GET SOME!!!


Okey, soooo my last XC-meet today... Sad. Captain Mike held a last inspiring speech before the race and the weather was actually pretty much perfect for running today!! I mean it was drizzled a little bit and was pretty cold... NICE. I was exiceted about this, my last XC-meet ever!!! Soooooo how was my run then? HORRIBLE. I sucked really bad and it didn't have a good race at all. The good thing about the race was that I met Oskar (another Swedish exchange studen) and we are planning to hang out some day and we'll hopfully go to Hawaii together!!! YES I am probably going to Hawaii if I haven't told you guys?! NICE. Haha and it is weird cause it feels weird speeking Swedish nowadays, when I met Oskar we talked English instead of Swedish and now I am writing and thinking in English as well?! Feels so weird, but really good in a way. So anyway, XC-season is over and we just have to turn in our uniforms and vote for different kinds of prices! Fun fun.

Ohh and I was at Danny's (skiing captain) birthday party this saturday as well, A LOT of fun and I might some new and some old people and I really had a great time! Thanks Danny! Sooo is there any thing more I can tell you about.... Hmm this is the last week of this term so next week I will switch three out of four classes!!
So my schedule for second term looks like this:
-First block: Writer's Workshop
-Second block: Pre-Calc
-Third block: Civil Law
-Fourth block: Mythology

Okey, so I have heard a lot of great things about all those classes so hopefully they will be fun.... I am trying to get a Guitar 2 class instead of the Writer's Workshop class though.
Going to Mall of America next monday btw!!! FINALLY, the teachers have a grading day which means that we have a day off. Awesome.

Over and Out.

Postat av: Josefine

Hey :) Happy to read you're having a great time and that you're writing in English :D I'm going to Hawaii March 26 ;) Do you know when you're going? take care!

2010-10-26 @ 21:38:07
URL: http://smultronfranprarien.blogspot.com
Postat av: Christine

Hej, hittade precis din blogg. Verkar jättefin och intressant!

Ska själv åka som utbytesstudent till Frankrike nästa år! Får hoppas på att det blir lika bra som ditt verkar vara.

Anyhow, såg att du kom från Karlstad, det gör mina sysslingar med... Erik och Isabelle Annerfalk?

Take Care!

2010-10-27 @ 21:46:25
Postat av: Fridaiii

Okej, jattefint. Men varfor skriver du pa engelska?? Irriterande juu. Inte far att jag inte forstar, men ja.

2010-10-27 @ 21:59:50

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