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School Spirit....

Sitter i The Media Center=inga fina svenska boksteaver.
Anyway. Homecoming... IT IS AWESOME. Got to love the School Spirit!!! I WANT THAT IN SWEDEN!! Why don't we have that?! I thinking about some kind of school revolution when I get back to Sweden.
The Pep-fest was SOOOO awesome. SENIORS SENIORS. Throwing pies at the teachers... mmm awesome again. I'll make a better post about our homecoming week this weekend. But I can tell you, it was awesome.
The Homecoming game tonight as well. EXCITED. And also the homecoming dance which is not as fancy as other schools. You go directly from the game to the dance so it not formal at all. You wear what ever you want to wear basically. Okey. My fourth is half way through so should go and get some work done I guess. No XC practise for me today, I need a rest so my legs can recover and hopefully I'll be fit for fight at monday.


Postat av: Maverone

Kuuuul! Godis är inköpt m m så snart går detta tillsammans med skiracingequipment iväg med posten!

2010-10-08 @ 22:31:59

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