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Sunny Afternoon

Hahaha, jag måste bara dela med mig av två e-mail från mina lärare idag! Jag mailade dom imorse och berättade att jag hade streptokocker. Haha fick världens bästa svar.

Från min Mattelärare:

Jonatan Hoegstroem:

We’re really sorry that you missed the ground hog’s day celebration the food was excellent and everyone missed you!!!!  I’m excited for you to come back I have some Swedish for you to translate for me.  Take your time and rest and get well as soon as possible and we can’t wait for you to get back and be apart of the class again.

The class says “feel better in Swedish!”  I think you should feel better in English as well.
The class says with all of the free time you can make the entire Calc class some hats!!!!!
Hope to see you soon, everyone wishes you the best!

Champ Nelson

Från min Journalismlärare, som också är Track Coach

Hi, Jonatan!

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well and hope you are feeling better soon! :)  As for the court worksheet... I have it and had hoped to give to the class today, but didn’t and will give it out tomorrow.  You can get it from me when you return. :)

I did give out our first writing assignment, which I will attach to this reply for you.  The first draft is due on Tuesday.  We tried to do some brainstorming for story ideas.  The ones that came up were: Boys’ basketball, Super Bowl, Heart-o-grams, Theater (Winter Play), Pops Concert and Bluewater Theater (?).  Don’t ask me about the last one...

We started a film called “Shattered Glass” today in class and it deals with ethics and a real-life journalist named Stephen Glass.  I will most likely excuse you from this assignment because there’s a chance I may not see you tomorrow.

Okay, sorry for rambling but I have to get ready for 3rd and 4th blocks.  Get well! :)

Jwilliams :)

Hahahhaaha massa glada gubbar från en lärare säger jag bara, hahaha lärarna på Hopkins är awesome.

Postat av: Maverone

Goa lärare!

2011-02-04 @ 22:29:39

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